VINATI: History of Italian Industrial Excellence

The history of the company began in 1958, when Antonio Vinati enrolled the Sole Proprietorship, owning his name, in the register of companies.
After working for several years in the field of light carpentry, Antonio decides to improve his standards specializing in the design and production of cranes, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and special cranes. Over the years, he was joined with enthusiasm by his son Ennio who contributed to the development of the company by investing in a new production facility, equipped with technologically advanced systems.
Thanks to the ongoing support to its customers, Vinati has acquired and developed a deep know-how of all what goes around the world of cranes, such as special and / or automated equipment, customized hooks and support structures.

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"The best brands consistently win two crucial moments of truth. The first moment occurs when customers choose, select or sign the contract to buy after having evaluated all other offerings of the competition. The second moment occurs at the customers' homes, offices or production sites when they use the brand, when they experience it and are satisfied or not satisfied. Brands that consistently win these moments of truth earn a special place in the customers' minds and hearts. These brands are remembered and the re-buy occurs more readily and more profitably. The value of trust earned between the brand promise and the brand experience realized has always been the simple foundation in any sustainable commercial endeavor."

from "B2B Brand Management" by P. Kotler and W. Pfoertsch, in the foreword by T. Love and A. Gelbert

Therefore we offer our customers a continuous support from the early stages of negotiation to the system maintenance planning, over time.

With over 50 years of experience, for a guarantee.

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