Bridge Cranes

Single and double girder bridge cranes with box girders or unified type profiles, equipped with wire rope hoists and electromechanical components for selected horizontal movements.

Key features of these cranes are the solidity, the manufacturing quality, the choice of the best components available on the market, the care for detail and the use of the latest building technologies applied to safety.

All our single and double girder bridge cranes have standard inverter to control the speed of the trolley and the bridge. This allows a more fluid use of the crane during all maneuvers. For an even more complete supply there is a double lifting speed on all hoists installed.


Single girder from 1 to 40tons
Double girder from 1 to 80tons (hoist)
Double girder from 25 to 250tons (winch)


Single girder from 4 to 12m (profiling type)
Single girder from 4 to 30m (box type)
Double girder from 4 to 12m (profiling type)
Double girder from 8 to 40m (box type)

Other features

Lifting speed from 0,3 to 20m/min
Trolley speed from 2 to 32m/min
Bridge speed from 5 to 80m/min

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