CIMS - integrated management services of lifting equipment system

The CIMS (Cranes Integrated Management Services) is an advanced and patented system for the integrated management services of lifting equipment and cranes in general.
CIMS is a Cloud application, which resides on the dedicated server on the network, designed to store all the data related to plants built and / or maintained by Vinati.
Through this system it is possible to detect and categorize the data of the lifting equipment in each of its components in order to increase security, to manage maintenance in a clear and easy way for the customer, as well as increasing the efficiency in the management of maintenance, especially when there are multiple systems.

The informations collected are directly available from the web without the use of programs installed on your PC, this means maximum global accessibility from anywhere on the Internet.

In real time, the maintainers can:

  • have access to the information of the crane that needs maintenance, resulting in an easier analysis of the system
  • see the type of maintenance to be carried out
  • carry on an intervention for the replacement of a component
  • print report and note (which will be submitted in electronic format to the client when the intervention or maintenance will be closed)

The advantages for customers are:

  • Constant control on the system status and maintenance / interventions
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Improved safety at work
  • Maximum transparency

These characteristics make the CIMS system essential for each Vinati plant.