Thanks to all its experience, Vinati offers a complete range of solutions and support to the customer, through the help of the latest innovations on the market but also with the creation of ad-hoc applications and technologies.
Our automotive solutions include automatic handling systems (aerial and ground) of the production machines, automatic storage of materials, production process supervision applications.
Typical applications in the field of industrial automation are:

  • automatic handling and storage of coils, billets, profiles, blooms, pipes, bundles, miscellaneous heavy and / or bulky material;
  • automated handling systems inside steel plants (galvanizing, rolling mills);
  • automatic handling systems of municipal solid waste;
  • automatic discharge of material from continuous casting;
  • automatic systems for the management of pickling processes for heavy and bulky materials (metal wire, wire rod);
  • automatic handling systems of production areas for heat treatment;
  • automatic handling and storage systems of bulky and heavy materials for manufacturing companies in general;
  • special handling systems for severe duty services (casting cranes, scrap cranes, process cranes).

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