The Design department of Vinati comes directly from the experience in the manufacture of iron

We satisfy the need because we find the solution. We think of space on a human scale. We create an atmosphere to feel at ease. We bring the functionality at your fingertips. Always with a special regard to technologically advanced materials and processes, in order to break down structural barriers thought insurmountable not long ago.

The piece of furniture becomes a life partner that changes its nuances over time to adapt to the light around it, always evolving.

The piece of furniture that passes from father to son, and tells a story, which you can read in its veins, opacity and smells.

The piece of furniture that becomes a piece of art that decorates a space. The art that makes a blank wall shout out loud, thanks to the expert and talented eye experiencing lights, colors and materials.

The piece of furniture that is able to be of use for people as a unique solution that combines technology, tradition and talent.

Our works.

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