General overhaul

A perfectly working plant is fundamental, because a failure in any of the components always interferes with productivity.
All EC marked systems must be subjected to a General Overhaul as required in the related EC Manual. This is to preserve the condition of the system to ensure a safe working environment and the workers' health.

With the introduction of EC legislation to the lifting systems a period of safe use is assigned (Safety Working Period), after which it is necessary to carry out a general overhaul.

This intervention, which provides a thorough revision of both the structure and the mechanisms of movement and lifting, ends with a technical report drawn up by a specialized engineer (as required by the UNI ISO 9927-1, art. 5.4) certifying the state of the system overhauled and assigning a further period of safe use.

VINATI srl is always willing to improve, therefore a special unit dedicated to this type of service has been created. This let's dramatically reduce downtime and ensure a precise and safe intervention.

For any further information please contact our Service Office.